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  • Electric and autonomous vehicles advance

    Electric and autonomous vehicles advance

      Thu, October 11, 2018       ,,

    (11 October 2018 - Europe) The Paris Motor Show has highlighted car makers biggest concerns including falling sales, EU regulatory pressure, trade barriers and innovation investment, placing global operations under increasing pressure.

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  • Small business accelerated depreciation provision extended

    Small business accelerated depreciation provision extended

      Thu, September 13, 2018       ,,

    (13 September 2018 - Australia) Legislation to extend the instant tax write-off for SMEs purchasing new plant and equipment (P&E) with a value up to A$20,000 has passed parliament.

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  • One-off Quarterly Capex Weakness

    One-off Quarterly Capex Weakness

      Thu, August 30, 2018       

    (30 August 2018 - Australia) Australian private sector capital expenditure (Capex) fell sharply in the June quarter, falling short of expectations for a slight improvement.

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  • Changing Economies 2018 - CBA Equip Issue 8

    Changing Economies 2018 - CBA Equip Issue 8

      Thu, August 16, 2018       ,,

    (16 August 2018 - Australia) In the latest edition of Equip, CBA looks at how Australian businesses are responding to changes in the global economy, taking advantage of greater access to international suppliers, tapping into new technologies and exploring the potential of the sharing economy to help meet their equipment needs. Deep dive analysis on the Agricultural, Construction and Health sectors provide unique insight into the drivers of asset and equipment finance decision making processes based on direct interviews with 900 CFOs and corporate treasurers. In an interconnected global economy, Australian businesses are exploring innovative ways of accessing and managing the income-producing assets they need.

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  • NZ Electric Vehicle Take-up Needs More Drive

    NZ Electric Vehicle Take-up Needs More Drive

      Wed, August 15, 2018       

    (15 August 2018 - New Zealand) Industry lobby group Drive Electric has declared that the New Zealand government needs to be acting now if it is to put into action a sustained take-up of electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its emissions reduction strategy. To reach the current target of 64,000 EVs on the road by the end of 2021, New Zealand will need to add about 50,000 vehicles by 2021. According to official data sources from the Ministry of Transport, only 550 EVs were added to the New Zealand car fleet in July with 121 of them new. The total New Zealand EV fleet currently stands at 9,241 which has doubled in size year-on-year and positions the country roughly eight months ahead of the 2018 target. If New Zealand continues adding 550 EVs a month it will surpass 12,000 EVs by the end of 2018.

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  • Road Use Tax Response to Rising EV Demand

    Road Use Tax Response to Rising EV Demand

      Wed, August 01, 2018       ,

    (1 August 2018 - Australia) The number of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia has increased by 160 percent in the past five years, raising doubts about a core element of the tax base being stripped back over the next ten years without significant public and private sector intervention. 

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  • Electric Vehicles Added to BHP Fleet

    Electric Vehicles Added to BHP Fleet

      Mon, July 09, 2018       

    (9 July 2018 - Australia) Two electric vehicles (EVs) have been added to BHP’s fleet of 240 light truck utility vehicles at Olympic Dam mine in South Australia on a trial basis before making a decision on launching more EVs across other BHP mines and operations by the end of the financial year.

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  • New Growth Driven ‘Bottom Up’ by Equipment Finance

    New Growth Driven ‘Bottom Up’ by Equipment Finance

    (9 April 2018 - Australia) Asset & Equipment financing represents an integral part of improved productivity, innovation, working capital management and capital expenditure growth in Australia. With broad based business credit demand limited to sub five percent over the last two years, the total component of Equipment Finance represents an increasingly critically important element.

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