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Australian Asset & Equipment Finance Program

East & Partners Australian Asset and Equipment Finance program delivers insights on forecast demand for equipment finance and related products across Australia’s Institutional, Corporate, SME and Micro business segments annually.

Australian Asset & Equipment markets have witnessed a considerable transformation over the last five years, reflecting a clear shift to a new phase of growth and funding requirements. The market has witnessed significant rationalisation among providers as demand from all business segments has expanded. East & Partners forecasts forward demand to reach double digits across all business segments.

Bank providers in particular are viewing asset and equipment finance as a key area for cross-sell to existing customers, and deliver growth in what has been stagnant business banking markets. While many businesses, particularly from the smaller segments continue to access their equipment finance through broker channels, banks are increasingly considering equipment finance as a product which can be effectively sold into transaction banking and lending relationships.

At the institutional level, bank providers are focusing on innovative bespoke solutions for their existing clients as a way of adding value to the relationship and winning a greater share of the customer’s wallet.

Released in June, detailed data analysis includes:

  • Equipment finance customer demographics and relationship positioning
  • Banks market share and competitive positioning
  • Service factor importance in Equipment Finance
  • Customer Satisfaction in Equipment Finance
  • Market drivers and futures

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