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Australian Merchants Payments Program

East & Partners has remained at the forefront of analysis of Australia’s rapidly changing payments market since launching its Merchant Acquiring and Cards Market research program in June 2004. The program is based on direct interviews with a large scale natural sample of Australia’s merchants, both high street and online. The resulting analysis accurately captures the collective “voice” of the merchant payments community.

In addition to providing accurate intelligence on the acquiring market, the program has continually monitored a range of other merchant payments metrics including receivables breakdown and credit card surcharging behaviour.

The annual Merchant Payments report continues to provide deep and unique insights into key drivers of Australian merchants’ current behaviour and payment practices. It draws upon East & Partners’ rich data on the payments market which has been supplemented with further reanalysis and additional primary data gathering executed directly with merchants.

The report provides quality market analysis across a number of important areas including:

  • The breakdown of merchants’ receivables
  • Acceptance of payment products
  • Online payments uptake
  • Merchants’ future product priorities
  • Credit card surcharging behaviour

For more information on this report, or to request a full report profile please contact:

Sian Dowling
Client Services & Development
t: +61 2 9004 7848


Acceptance of Payments Online – December 2013
% Merchants Acceptance Online Payments