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East & Partners Asia is the region's leading specialist business banking market research and analysis firm. Our core expertise is in the provision of analysis and advisory services tailored for the commercial, business and institutional banking markets. We are staunchly independent and have the richest source of business banking data in the Asia Pacific, built over the years since the company’s inception in 1987.

East’s research is based on many thousands of direct customer interviews throughout Asia each year. These interviews are conducted face to face or over the telephone with the key business decision makers including CFOs, treasurers, finance directors and business owners.

Strict non-disclosure agreements are entered into with all interviewees where asked for, ensuring honest and confidential dialogue. East has never given incentives for businesses to participate and has never needed to.

East’s research covers all business segments from Micro businesses with an annual turnover of US$1 million through to large corporates and institutions with annual turnovers of US$700 million plus.


Market Segments

  • Institutional: US$725 million plus
  • Corporate: US$20 - 725 million
  • SME: US$5 - 20 million
  • Micro: US$1 - 5 million
  Date of Release
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Transactional Markets                        
Institutional Transaction Banking         O           O  
Corporate Transaction Banking   O           O        
SME Transaction Banking       O           O    
Trade Finance   O           O        
Merchant Payments                       O
Business Foreign Exchange         O           O  
Asian Institutional Transaction Banking         O           O  
Asian Wealth Management Index   O           O        
Asian Institutional Trade Finance Markets O           O          
Asian Business FX Markets   O           O        
Asia Corporate T&E Markets       O           O    
Corporate Islamic Banking Markets       O           O    
Global Business Foreign Exchange                        
Credit, Funding & Risk Markets                        
Institutional Banking       O           O    
Corporate Banking O           O          
Asset & Equipment Finance           O            
Deposit Funding & Debt Index O O O O O O O O O O O O
Customer Drivers                        
Business Banking Index O   O   O   O   O   O  

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