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Australian Trade Finance Markets Program

East & Partners Trade Finance Markets program is the only comprehensive research program providing data and insights across Institutional, Corporate and SME business segments.

Trade Finance presents an increasingly competitive and important product area. Satisfied trade finance customers are traditionally more loyal to their banking relationships, and trade is often the cornerstone of cross sell for a range of other products across transaction and corporate banking. Strong trade finance relationships can drive wallet share and product penetration across the whole suite of business banking products.

Customers are keenly attuned to the experiences and opinions of their peers and colleagues in their choice of trade finance provider. East’s research indicates 80.4 percent of institutional enterprises base their choice of provider on word of mouth alone, in addition to 93.8 percent of corporates and a staggering 94.2 percent of SMEs.

Released in February and August, the program presents data for the following:

  • Bank Market Share and Competitive Positioning
  • Wallet Share, Mind Share, Market Drivers and Futures
  • Customer Satisfaction and Service Factor Importance

For more information on this report, or to request a full report profile please contact:

Sian Dowling
Client Services & Development
t: +61 2 9004 7848


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