Program Methodology

Program Methodology

This primary research involving direct interviews with the Top 1,000 revenue ranked corporate across ten countries in Asia, conducted by East and Partners Asia (E&P Asia), a joint venture of East & Partners and Haymarket Media, publishers of CEI and Campaign Asia-Pacific.

The core report includes a detailed view of market share, corporate satisfaction with individual brands and corporate T&E buying behavior, based on fieldwork carried out every calendar quarter involving direct interviews with the Top 1,000 revenue-ranked corporates across ten Asia markets. This critical market segment has the following typical quarterly demographic profile:

Geographical Distribution % of Total
(N: 940)
China 9.8
Hong Kong 10.1
India 10.1
Indonesia 9.7
Malaysia 10.0
Philippines 9.8
Singapore 10.3
South Korea 10.2
Taiwan 10.3
Thailand 9.7
TOTAL 100.0
Industry Sector Distribution: % of Total
(N: 940)
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing 1.7
Mining & Resources 1.3
Manufacturing 26.8
Electricity, Gas & Water 1.8
Construction 9.3
Wholesale 12.6
Retail 9.3
Accommodation, Cafes & Restaurants 1.0
Transport & Storage 9.4
Media & Telco 2.6
Finance & Insurance (non-banks) 11.7
Property & Business Services 11.1
Personal & Other Services 1.6
Other 0.1
TOTAL 100.0

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