Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is a significant competency for E&P Asia as our clients look to differentiate themselves from their rivals, reinforce ownership of their market segment and drive customer acquisition pipelines. Leveraging E&P Asia’s demand-side research through Thought Leadership programs has generated significant new Mind Share for clients, a metric which is now a leading predictor of market share win / loss.

E&P Asia’s Thought Leadership programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each client and are developed through a collaborative process. Clients have the exclusive use of a Thought Leadership topic for the duration of their sponsorship.

Customised Strategic Research

E&P Asia provides bespoke research for T&E clients across ten countries in Asia.

Customised research reports can consist of selected analytics from our core research program; or be based on bespoke market analysis under proprietary engagements with clients.

We also provide research and analysis reports based on supply side and industry based information, including reviews of provider best global practice, market trends and issues confronting services providers internationally, forecasting upcoming trends which can impact competitive T&E and travel performance.

Why Use These Services?

  • Directly improve client acquisition by way of improved sales pipeline thereby growing the bottom line

  • Understand your client base

  • Develop a clear and concise ‘go to market’ message based on what target customers are saying

  • Increase mind share and awareness around brand and/or specific product offering

  • Ensure engaged and knowledgeable sales people

  • Become the leading voice of authority and expert in this particular market

  • Be ahead of competition in terms of market trends, desires and direction

  • Identify precise customer pain points and develop solutions and products to overcome them

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