East & Partners Asia is the region's leading specialist business banking market research and analysis firm. Our core expertise is in the provision of analysis and advisory services tailored for the commercial, business and institutional banking markets.

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Thought Leadership is a powerful business development and positioning platform for providing East clients with content rich, unique and insightful information on selected topics within particular markets or functions of the organisation.

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Our monthly discussion papers emailed to subscribers. Each month we examine a service, product or relationship issue that has emerged as an area of interest during the course of our research programs or through client interaction.

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Keep up-to-date with what's happening in banking and financial services by receiving our weekly Banking News Newsletter. Banking News contains a wrap-up of the week's key news and events, and is delivered direct to your inbox.

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East and Partners Outlook 2019 highlights the latest opportunities and challenges across business banking markets.

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What our clients say about us

  • "East & Partners Asia unparalleled Research and Analysis programs have proven to be an invaluable tool in the ever changing market. Their service and customer support has been second to none."
  • "We simply could not run our business without the analytical resources supplied by East & Partners Asia. Their extensive knowledge translates across both Australian and Asian finance markets."

More about us

Who are we

East & Partners Asia is a leading banking research and advisory firm providing the financial services industry with independent, market wide research, analysis and customer insight on the institutional corporate and business banking markets across the Asia Pacific.

What we do

East & Partners Asia, a leading specialist market research firm in the corporate and investment banking markets of the Asia Pacific, works across 11 countries in the region delivering both multi-client and proprietary market analysis services to the industry.

How we can help

While many firms spend efforts on individual ratings, such as "Best Asian Fixed Income Salesperson", East & Partners focuses on the customer-to-bank relationship as an institutional one, not flavoured by personalities. We know that many corporates are unwilling to rate individuals within their banking relationships and flavour their responses accordingly.

Where we do it

East & Partners Asia is an Asia Pacific company. Our work in Australia and Asia is vital to the success of our company, while for other firms this region may not be their sole focal point. Certain firms obtain work in this region because of their global client relationships. East & Partners Asia relies solely on the quality of our work.

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